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    This is where We Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!!!

    Coffee Information

    Cherry BerryHere is general information about coffee, how it was discovered, and even multimedia video's of coffee in Jamaica being processed, even Backgrounds for your computer screen. Keep coming back as we offer more and more each week.

    Coffee Nutrition Information

    Here is some nutrional information about coffee and espresso drinks. This doesn't take into account any cream, milk or sugar you may add to your drink but does give the basic nutrional information about coffee.

    Coffee Drink Recipes

    Coffee Drink recipes that is what we have to give you. After nearly 20 years in the retail coffee shop business I have assembled a remarkable number of drink recipes I am sure you will find useful. This section gets updated often. We are also interested in drinks you have developed and you can send us an email and send us your favorite drink to share with people. Be sure to check back often as we add more and more of our recipes to the site. - RECIPES -

    Backgrounds For Your Computer Screen

    Here are backgrounds for you to use on your computer screen. Each week we will put up a new set of images you can view and save to your computer and then put up as backgrounds for your screen, or just look at them.
  • This weeks pict is of Berry's on the Branch - click here -

    Coffee Production Videos

    Cherry Berry As you look around our site you will find videos of coffee production from the farm to your bag. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you a closer look at coffee production. From the Bush of berries to the roasted and baged product you can see the various steps along the way.
Cherry Berry

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