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I have to hand it to the people behind the flavors. They continue to crank out new flavored coffees.  Just when I thought we had all the flavored coffee you could think of along comes another combination.

This month we are annoucing the release of two new flavored coffees.

1 . Chocolada – this is just a insanely rich chocolate flavored coffee.  It is silky smooth chocolate flavor that makes a super rich, luxurious taste on the taste buds.

2. Fussy Navel – as the name implies this is a combination of the taste of fresh peaches and juicy oranges.  The impressive tastes are pure sweeeeetness.

As it’s getting close to that time of the year it would not be proper but to also mention the great St Patties day coffees we offer like.  Irish Mocha Flavored Coffee, Irish Cream Flavored Coffee, and of course Shamrock Mint, shouldn’t forget Drunken Uncle.  Each a unique flavored coffee is based on our great gourmet coffees with all natural flavorings added after the beans have been roasted to perfection.

Also be sure to check out the other great spring flavored coffee that we offer like Tornado Twister, Hot Tomales and Cabana Boy, sure to bring thoughts of warmer weather, spring storms, and the soon to be here summer time.

We hope that you enjoy the new and different flavored coffees we continue to bring to you and hope you will give them a try.  you can be assured that they have been through rigirous testing before we offer them up for sale.


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