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For those that are not already following us on Twitter and Facebook we are on both sites.  On each site you will find links to special pages with deals.  We are also doing E-Deals email list for those that like another set of deals.

You can find us on Facebook at Coffee-n-Caffeine.

You can find us on Twitter at CoffeeCaffeine.

We are also starting an E-Deals email list.  If you would like to sign up for it you can find it on our home page.  Just fill in the info and submit it and you will be signed up.  We do send  a confirmation email that you need to respond to in order to be on the list.  This is a very much OPT-IN list.  We also want to assure you that we take your privacy seriously.  We keep our mailing list, we do our mailings, we will never give out your email address to anyone with your prior permission.

We have special pages set up for all the various deals we are offering.  Typicaly 10% off an order for specific coffees listed on the pages.  You must order from the specific pages in order to get the discount.

We hope you are getting time to enjoy the summer, we certainly are.  Ummmm coffee Deals.


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Yea we have three more flavored coffees this month and they are flavors I am sure your going to LOVE. All with a chocolate theme to them, one inspired by a customer request.
Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee – This is a perfectly wonderful blend of Raspberry and Chocolate. The fruity taste of Raspberry with the rich flavor of Chocolate on top of our great Columbian Supremo coffee.
Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee – This is a great refreshing flavor of Mint and the Rich Flavor of Chocolate. Our all natural flavoring doesn’t cover the great flavor of the coffee but adds and exciting accent to it.
Chocolate Covered Cherry’s – This is like the candy in a cup. Cherry flavored with Chocolate all surrounded by the great taste of Columbian Arabica Coffee.
We are sure your going to love these new additions to our ever growing list of flavored coffees. We know the chocolate lovers are going to love the new additions.

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