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We are giving Free Gourmet Coffee to our Troops
in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Starting the First of November 2009 we started collecting pot packs so we can start sending Coffee To Our Troops.

For any of you have been in the military, one of the few things you can always count on is a cup of Coffee. The quality may not be what you would like, but it was coffee.  Having been in the military as a combat medic for the US Marines I frankly couldn’t think of anything better than to know i would be coming back to than a GREAT POT OF GOURMET COFFEE.   Talk about a moral boost to know that when you get back to the base you got a great pot of gourmet coffee to brew up and enjoy.

For every pound of coffee we sell we are sending a Pot Pack of coffee to our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.  If your in favor of the war or not, we must support out troops. Our way here is to offer a free pot of our gourmet coffee getting directly into the hands of our troops for every pound of coffee that we sell.

We look forward to sending our coffee over to our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan so that they have something special to look forward to, especially at this time of year.


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