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We have made a few new navigation pages to our site to hopefully make it easier for people to find specific types of flavored coffees.  The most abundant types of flavors have been divided up from the main complete listings page.

Flavored Coffees – This page lists all of our flavored coffees by alphabetical organization.

Chocolate Flavored Coffees – This page has a listing of all of our flavored coffees that have Chocolate flavoring added to them.

Fruit Flavored Coffees – This page has a listing of our Fruit and Berry flavored coffees.  From Apple to Raspberry flavored coffees if its a fruity flavored coffee it’s listed here.

Nut Flavored Coffees – This page has a listing of all of our Nutty Flavored Coffees.  From Peanut Butter and Jelly to Hazelnut if it has a nut flavoring added you will find it listed here.

We hope that this helps our customers find the kind of flavored coffee they are looking for from our huge list of flavored coffees.  We know we have a huge listing of flavors and it grows and grows every month it seems, so making it easier for you to find the kind of flavoring your looking for is our main concern.

Thanks and have a great spring.  Here in Minnesota the ice is melting, the snow long gone.  Flowers are starting to sprout and soon it will be time to plant the gardens.


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