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They are still at it… The crazy people in my flavoring department are still just going nuts with the possibilities of the various flavors that can be added to coffee.. I think they think it’s endless, and maybe it is, but if there is an end to it, they have to run into it sooner or later.

New- Spooky Boos Flavored Coffee – sounds more like something for halloween but it’s really a blend of blueberries and dark milk chocolate.  I have to admit this is a very addictive flavor so please only drink in moderation.

New- Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavored Coffee – this is like a chocolate cookie in a cup of coffee.  You get the best of both without the calories of the cookie, though a chocolate chip cookie with this coffee would be simply heaven.

New- Golden Maple Syrup – this is an astounding flavored coffee.  Maple Syrup and a hint of brown sugar make this something you think you should pour on pancakes.

New- Pumpkin Cheesecake – I am not sure where they came up with the idea of mixing pumpkin pie with cheesecake, but they did and frankly its pretty interesting flavored coffee.  I am sure that those that like our other pumpkin flavored coffees are going to love this addition.

So We are adding more and more flavored coffees all the time and keep up with it as we put them on the front of the site, and report about them here in our blog.

Enjoy your summer… fall will soon be upon us


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