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Cappuccinos & Espressos In order to make sure that you are able to taste both the milk and the coffee together in the cup, as opposed to that odd “broth with a froth” that unfortunately too many coffee shops tend to pass off as an Italian cappuccino, the barista must check the milk temperature by keeping a hand on the jug throughout the steaming process and be so experienced as to make sure that the jug itself does not get over 72 centigrade degrees. Indeed, if the temperature is any higher that this, the overheated milk instantly loses its proteins and taste.

Besides this, the milk must be frothed up until it becomes creamy as opposed to thin and airy: the core ability of the barista lies in allowing no air bubbles to form inside it, so that the milk does not go flat within seconds as it typically does if the cappuccino is not prepared properly.  The coffee can be layered with chocolate, hazelnut, custard, or zabaglione-themed creams, or else with a liqueur base of either Limoncino, Amaretto or Marsala. All of them are the result of sheer hand skill, tradition and flair.

Mariano Semino, who has won the much prized Italian championship in cappuccino- making, is working for the Ca’puccino branch at Harrods. He is an expert in creating any taste nuance of cappuccino and espresso you can wish for and is set to bring his expertise to the Westfield branch. Apart from making a big point of cleaning the steamer properly each time, so that milk can never curdle on it and spoil your cappuccino, he jealously guards his secret recipes for the creams he prepares on site to spike his special espressos.

You can find espresso coffees ready in our gourmet coffee roasts section.

Hope you find a new joy in how to make a proper espresso


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