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Well sales tell the whole story. When it comes to flavored coffee people really enjoy them. So here at Coffee-n-Caffeine we are constantly finding new flavors that simply rock your world.

This month alone we have added 6 new flavored coffees and the three newest ones are.  Drum Roll Please

Sugar Daddy – Its a combination of Chocolate and English Caramel. Talk about a tasty treat that can’t be beat.

Blueberry Crisp – is the taste of Fresh Blueberries and cinnamon that make a flavor that is very much like the great desert Blueberry Crisp. You will enjoy this flavored coffee

Ooey Goey Caramel – Like the name implies this is Caramel with some added flavor of vanilla cream. Another perfect after dinner drink, or while sitting on the deck enjoying the day.

So if you like flavored coffee, and who doesn’t, then you will like our Ever Growing selection of them. We are adding new flavors every month and look to add more and more as the months go on. If you have a flavor you think would be good feel free to contact us and we would be interested in checking it out.

You can be assured that unlike others, we use the same gourmet coffee we sell to make our flavored coffee. We do not use second hand beans (they are not allowed in our warehouse) we use only first rate top quality gourmet coffee to make our flavored coffee. Often we find that a blend of coffee makes a better flavor than just a straight bean, but even then we use GREAT GOURMET COFFEE.

Have a safe summer, enjoy it while it’s here cause soon enough winter will be upon us and then we will really need the gourmet coffee.


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