This is the blog of We are all about providing the best coffee you can get at prices you can afford.  You can be assured that all of our coffees are 100% Arabica Gourmet Coffees, and of those only the top few percent make it to our roaster.

We reject coffee every year as it doesn’t meet our high standards. Our suppliers know this and have learned we expect only the finest, as such we get the best of the best of the crops.  We are not afraid to run out of a particular kind of coffee because we had to return a shipment and ran out.  We would rather NOT sell a coffee than sell something that doesn’t meet our standards for excellence.

We then take each of those coffees and roast them to their individual perfection. Each coffee we have found is best suited to be roasted in a particular way.  Some are best at a regular roast, some a lighter roast, some a darker roast.  You can be assured that we have cupped each roast to make sure it is right.

We also offer a few specialty roasted coffees. Dark roasted like our Velvet Hammer, or Espresso Roasts or light Roasted like our Breakfast blend.

We also have a HUGE and growing selection of flavored coffees. We do not use cheap coffee to make our flavored coffee. We use the same high quality coffees we roast everyday.  Actually we have found that at times mixing different beans or using different beans make for a better flavor experience.  All of our flavored coffees are tested, not only by our own staff but also in consumer taste tests.  Only when it has met all of our heavy testing is it released as a flavor to our customers.  We also use ALL NATURAL flavoring oils to make our flavored coffees.  We DO NOT use chemicals unless they are naturally obtained.  In many cases we use the flavor oils from that item (ie Cinnamon, Vanilla) this makes sure to impart the best flavoring for our coffees.

We take coffee seriously and we use this blog to give more information as it comes along or to announce new coffees being added to our ever growing collection.

Hope you enjoy our blog


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