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Yes we do do private label coffee. We are able with our state of the art equipment create your label and put it on our coffee.  We already do it for a number of people and companies.

One of my personally proudest example is Mr. Bun E Carlos the drummer for the rock band Cheap Trick.  I spent my high school years in Beloit WI not that far from the home of the then rising band Cheap Trick.  Made of of the great singer Robin Zander, future designer of the 12 string bass Tom Peterson, semi insane guitarist Rick Nielsen, and the remarkable drummer Bun E Carlos, they were on the rise to the top and I had seen them many times.  Sometimes sneaking into an adults only show with a fake ID.  Little did I know then that later in life I would become friends with the band.

Many years later, around 1990 I got to know a rock concert promoter.  One day I get a call from him saying you know I am doing a show tonite in Iowa, if you wanna come down you can see Cheap Trick.  Well it didn’t take me long before I was down there and rocking to a band I had not seen live in years.  After the show I got to meet the band and me and Bun E hit it off.  Our love of music, and fishing the mighty muskie grew into a still standing friendship.

Flash forward 8 years and I am hanging out with the band at First Ave in Minneapolis Minnesota.  As usual I brought several bags of coffee from my retail coffeeshop for the band as a thank you gift for the back stage passes and free tickets to the show.  Bun E and I are talking as I hand him a couple bags of coffee.  Robin happens to walk by and said something to the effect of “Excellent now we got some good coffee to drink, say how come your not selling a Bun E Carlos Blend?“.  What an idea, dahhhh… I look at Bun E he looks at me and I say you wanna have your own brand of Gourmet Coffee?  Sure he says and the rest is history.

Bun E Carlos Blend was born on that nite and to this day I do not think there is another Rock Star or band that has their own brand of Coffee.  The blend has gone through several revisions and refinements and is now in Version 2.0 to keep up with the TECH TALK..  LOL… It has also been shipped all over the world.  From Japan to Italy, Bulgaria, France, England, Spain, Canada, almost every state in the US.  We have shipped Bun E’s coffee all over the place.

So if you have ever thought of having your own Brand of Coffee we can certainly help you develop your own line of coffee.  Drop me an email or give me a call and we will talk about it.


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