For those that have been here in the past you will notice a new look to the site.  Instead of our menu along the side we have it as buttons along the top.  Hope this makes it easier to navigate the site and looks better than the old format.  You will still find a few pages that are in older formats from the history of the site, so if you look around enough you will find bits and pieces of the site as it changed over time.

There are more changes in store as we move forward with some other design elements to make it easier to find what your looking for.

We have also opened up a new testimonial system on the site.  This way you can leave your comments there about our gourmet coffee, flavored coffee, or the site.

Well I hope the old time customers are not shocked by the changes in the site, we still have the same great gourmet coffee, flavored coffee, green beans, coffee blends and all the great coffee you have come to enjoy and rely on we just put on some new makeup  LOL


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