We have just finished producing videos of our coffee in various stages of production.  Currently we have videos of our Green Coffee Beans in stoage in our warehouse and video of our great gourmet coffee being roasted and cooled.  Once it is cooled it is sent for packaging, or off to the flavoring department where it is turned into our great flavored coffee.

You can watch our video of Green Coffee beans in our Green Coffee Section or by clicking here

You can also watch a video of our great gourmet coffee beans being roasted and readied for being turned into our great coffee blends, or our flavored cofffee or just put into bags.  You can watch our video by clicking here .

We are working on the final edits of our coffee being turned into flavored coffee and also our packaging of our coffee.  When they are ready you will find our flavored coffee video by clicking here

When we finish editing up our video you will be able to see our coffee being packaged into portion packs, one of our most popular items for gifts and other great occasions.  You can watch our coffee being packaged by clicking here .

Between these videos and our videos on the production of coffee in Jamaica we are trying to provide you with a experience about how much goes into making your great cup of coffee that you so enjoy.  If you would like to see how coffee is produced in Jamaica, to make the great Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you can view it by clicking here .

Look as we make more coffee videos for your enjoyment and education.  So many do not know what goes into making the coffee that goes into your cup and we are trying to bring you great coffee but also more information about coffee production.  It is not a short or easy process to make coffee.


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