Hard to believe that Two months have past by so quickly.  But here it is the first week of May, Mother’s Day is upon us, and summer is just around the corner.

What goes great in the summer is Iced Coffee Drinks.  Many think that coffee is only best served hot, well let me tell you of the pleasures of Iced Coffee.  First there are several kinds of Iced Coffee drinks.  The first is of course coffee brewed, and then cooled in the Fridge and served over ice.  Much like Iced Tea coffee is excellent when put over ice. It also brings on a new flavor when you add small amounts of milk, sweet cream, and or sugar (always use brown sugar with your coffee you will find it is much less bitter tasting than processesed sugar).  The other method is a Toddy Coffee where you put the ground coffee in a jar and place it in the fridge and create a concentrate after a week or so in the fridge.   Filter the grounds out and you have an excellent base for Iced Coffee drinks.

Now there are several kinds of iced coffee drinks.  The first is just that Icy Cold Gourmet Coffee poured over ice.  The other is to use it to make a smoothie.  This brings on a whole new world of flavors and textures when you take your coffee drink and then grind ice in it to make it into a smoothie type of drink.  Either way you make, or serve your drink your going to WOW people with this simple to make yet remarkably flavorful coffee drink.

So you see coffee isn’t just for the times of year when you want to get warmed up, but also at the time of year when your looking for a special cold drink to cool you down.   You can use any of our coffee’s to make iced coffee drinks, even the flavored coffee’s are great for making Iced Fuzzy Navel’s from our Fuzzy Navel flavored coffees.  The same is true for Amaretto, another fine choice to make as an iced drink.  I am sure if you look through our extensive list of flavored coffee’s you will find many that are going to make great Iced Coffee Drinks.   I would personally suggest the Fruitty flavors over the nutty flavors, though Peppermint Stick is EXCELLENT as a Smoothie.

Drink Up, It’s Summer Time!


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