Captain Hawke's Commando Coffee

Ready for a Boot to the Butt? This is a unique blend of coffee's that truly live up to it's name. Intense, dark and smoky - - INTENSE in every category. A blend of Gourmet Colpmbian, Guatemalan and Sumatra Coffees providing body and sharp acidity enveloped in a smoky flavored Italian Roast.

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Available in 12oz, 2lb, 5lb
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12oz Bag - $8.65

2lb Bag - $21.95

5lb Bag - $54.34

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Captain Hawke's Super Commando Coffee

12oz Bag - $11.99

2lb Bag - $29.99

5lb Bag - $69.99

Mykel Hawke's Commando Coffee Intel Report - find out more about Capt. Mykel Hawke and his Commando Coffee.

Brewing Instructions:
Best when brewed in a drip coffee maker.
Use approx. 2 tablespoons per 6oz cup of coffee.
Increase or decrease the amount of coffee to suit your particular tastes.
Only purchase the amount you will use within the next month. You can store it in your freezer to extend the shelf life of the coffee, but its best when used right away. We also encourage you to purchase a grinder and grind your own just before you use it. Whole bean coffee has much more flavor intact which is released when ground.

Commando Coffee is supplied by and orders are processed through them. For any questions please contact
  • Our 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and purchased direct from the plantation. We then consistently slow roast the beans, gently smoking them at the end of the roast to bring out the finest nuances of flavor.
  • All coffees are air cooled and hand packed immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness.
  • All our coffees are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, they are sustainably grown using fair trade principles, shade tree and bird friendly. Our organic coffees are certified USDA, and FDA.

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